filezillaFileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface. Some of the useful features include drag and drop support, filename filters, network configuration wizard, powerful site manager, transfer queue, and it even supports resume and transfer of files larger than 4GB. When FileZilla v3 was released a built in updater was introduced. This allowed users to update their FileZilla Client faster and easier. Included are options to check for nightly and beta builds of the FileZilla Client.

Changes for 3.0.8 (2008-03-13):

  • *nix: No longer follows symbolic links if deleting local directories
  • Fix crash if dropping a file on a fill item in directory comparison mode
  • Handle DEL key in queue and local directory tree
  • Handle F2 key in local directory tree

download Download: FileZilla 3.0.8
homepage Homepage: FileZilla on SourceForge


avgAVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is one of the most popular solutions to provide basic security protection on home and non-commercial PCs. We invite you to join the millions of users around the world who rely on AVG's unique award-winning detection methods by downloading AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition.

AVG Anti-Virus offers maximum virus protection, product customization, and free virus database updates and technical support. The core of the testing engine is a Virtual Device Driver which loads into memory on Windows startup.

download Download: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition (34.3MB, *.exe)
documentation Documentation: User Manual (580.5KB, *.pdf)

firefoxFirefox is an award winning preview of next generation browsing technology from the Mozilla company. Firefox empowers you to accomplish your online activities faster, with a higher degree of safety and more efficiently than any other browser. Built with Tab browsing, popup blocking and a number of other seamless innovations, Firefox stands out ahead. Firefox allows you to customize the browser by using Addons to enhance the browser to your preference.

download Downloads: Firefox 3.0 Beta 4 | All builds (6.96MB, *.exe)
changelog View: Release Notes
source Source: Mozilla Firefox

notepad++Notepad++ is a free source code editor (and Notepad replacement), which supports several programming languages, running under the MS Windows environment. This project, based on the Scintilla edit component, written in C++ with pure win32 api and STL that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller size of the program. Notepad++ supports the following languages: C, C++, Java, C#, XML, HTML, PHP, javascript, RC resource file, makefile, ASCII art file, doxygen, ini file, batch file, ASP, VB/VBS source files, SQL, Objective-C, CSS, Pascal, Perl, Python and Lua.


  • Fix unicode input problem for non-western language.
  • Add the capacity (behaviour) of keeping line highlighting even when Notepad++ loss its focus.
  • Fix missing fonts problem in font list of Stylers configurator.
  • Fix the hot key problem : make Alt+f+s work again.
  • Fix the hardware problem : make keyboard commands (such as "e-mail", "calculator", "sound", ...) works again.

download Download: Notepad++ 4.8.2 (1.94MB, *.exe)
Source Homepage: Notepad++

directxThe Microsoft DirectX March 2008 release provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX. This is the driving force behind PC games and multimedia on end user PCs.

download Downloads: DirectX Redistributable | DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer | DirectX SDK
link Homepage: Microsoft DirectX

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