AVG does it again: Windows 7 users crash with another bad update

Web security company AVG has issued an apology to its customers after its most recent update caused a significant number of Windows 7 crashes.

The update in question, 3292, caused a number of systems running on the Windows 7 64 platform to become bricked and continuously reboot and has since been pulled by the anti-virus providers.

“AVG has identified a potential conflict between one of our recent updates (3292) and a significant number of systems running on the Windows 7 64-bit platform.

“AVG regrets any inconvenience this is causing our customers and we are working quickly to resolve this issue,” the company said.
Paid and free subscribers

The update crashed Windows 7 users that used both the paid and free subscriptions of AVG anti-virus services.

In the meantime, the security company has urged customers that were affected by the update and have not already rebooted their computers to visit this page and run an .exe file and then reboot their systems.

Users that have downloaded the update and applied the system restart should follow these instructions.

The update file has been removed from the update servers and any users that had not downloaded it will not be affected, the company said.

According to AVG Technologies, more than 110 million users have AVG Anti-Virus protection, including users of the Free Edition.