Gmail support for old Chrome, Vista, and XP stops by 2018

Google has announced that all of Google Chrome older versions will stop being compatible with Gmail by the end of 2017. Google Chrome version 53 and its previous versions will no more be compatible with Gmail in the next coming months as the report has suggested. Starting from the month of February all Google Chrome users of earlier versions will see a statement on the top of the page which will notify them to upgrade the browser to continue using Gmail on the browser. It has also been made clear that version 55 of Google Chrome browser has patched some of the security risks in with the update, and this move is indispensable for stronger immunity against risks.

Google Chrome will continue to support Gmail till the end of 2017. However, the users who will go on using the older versions of Google Chrome browser for Gmail will end up being vulnerable to multiple security risks. These users will be deprived of revamped features and recent bug fixes. According to the statement made by Google the reloading of web pages on the older version of Google Chrome check for cache resources whether they are available for use. The process is named as ‘Validation,’ which brings a lot of unnecessary delays while browsing. The behavior of older versions of Google Chrome results in a host of network requests for every page that redirects to dozens of other domains.

The latest version of Google Chrome 56 is believed to solve all these problems. Version 56 has more simplified reloading that consumes less data which will prove economical for users, and it also helps them in having the pages reloaded at much faster speed. Google has claimed that the latest version of Chrome reloads the pages 28% faster than the earlier versions and attract 60% off less need for validation. Users are advised to update their Chrome Browser and opt for the latest version to make sure that they are getting all these benefits that are available in the latest version.

Source: Socpedia