Google Play Store scraps Google+ integration

The great deplusification of Google continues as a Google+ has been removed from yet another Google product. This time it’s the Play Store, which has dropped Google+ votes from apps and nixed the G+ account requirement from app reviews.

There was an entire Google+ focused “People” section on the Play Store that showed apps and ratings from people you follow on Google+. The Play Store also allowed users to “+1” apps on the Play Store, which served as a vote of approval from people you follow. Both features are being stripped out of Google Play, starting earlier this week.

The other feature being removed is the requirement to have a Google+ account to leave a Play Store review on apps, games, and media. Several users have reported to Android Police that they can now leave reviews using their regular Google account, where before they were nagged to created a Google+ account.

The move is the latest in a long, long retreat from the “Google+ everywhere” strategy that was enforced with an iron fist a few years ago. Google+ never took off the way Google has originally hoped, and now the social network is being left to stand on its own.

Source: ArsTechnica