Google ties Blogger, Docs, Picasa, and more to the command line with GoogleCL

googleGoogle announced a Python-based command line utility it’s calling GoogleCL. The tool brings various Google services to the command line, including Blogger, Calendar, Contacts, Picasa, Docs, and YouTube.

Once it’s installed, you can then access Google’s services from the command line. Access to the services is generally limited to a few commands, usually “Add/Upload,” “Delete”, and “List.” YouTube, Picasa, and Blogger all let you add tags to your posts as well, and Picasa additionally lets you download your photos with a “get” command.

The “List” task also can be given different arguments to define the way results are returned, like title, url, author, date, and location.

Google Street View Team members Jason Holt and Tom Miller said the team hopes to have the tool included in Debian and Ubuntu repositories in time for their next release.

link Source: BetaNews