Google will introduce Google Wifi router October 4th

OnHub-schmonhub: two sources are now telling us that Google will introduce an own-brand Wi-Fi router called Google Wifi, and that the device will cost $129. A source that has proved reliable in the past has told us that the device will be launched alongside Google’s Pixel phones, Google Home, and the 4K ‘Chromecast Ultra’ on October 4th.

That source additionally claims that Google will advertise the router as having “smart” features – probably similar to OnHub in some respects – and that Google will claim it provides enhanced range over typical Wi-Fi routers (a claim we see basically every router make, to be fair). But the one thing that will make it an insta-buy for many over OnHub? Our source claims multiple Google Wifi access points (two or more) can be linked together to create one large wireless network. Do I have your attention now? Because my interest is certainly piqued.

We don’t have any details on how this works, unfortunately. But one source claims the Google Wifi device will essentially be like a little white Amazon Echo Dot. So, relatively small and inconspicuous.

We give this rumor a confidence level of 9 out of 10. We are extremely confident that Google Wifi is real and that it will cost $129 when it is released. We are fairly confident it will be announced on October 4th alongside Google Home, because it seems positioned as a sort of companion device to Home. Where we subtract a point is on the multiple Wifi “mesh” system – it’s not clear if this is a launch feature or something that Google merely plans to do eventually. And knowing Google, major device software features getting pushed is far from impossible.

So, in short: don’t buy an OnHub right now. That would be a bad idea.

Update: 2016/09/23 11:57am PDT

Droid-life corroborates our report on Wifi, as well as its mesh networking capabilities, and goes on the provide additional details about the product. Here’s a snippet.

The point of Google WiFi is to be very much like Eero or Luma, two WiFi router products that expand in a house to help it cover every corner, so that you don’t have any weak spots. Google is pushing this as a “mesh technology” or “modular” in that you can add on parts to it, which is why I’m comparing it to those other two products. They work similarly, where you start with a router connected to your modem and then continue to add on new routers or modules to expand the network. If you are worried about security there, understand that new modules or routers will have to be a “trusted” module, signed by Google. That make sense?

Source: AndroidPolice