The Keyword is Google’s new central company blog

If you click the source links at most of our posts about Google products, you might notice there is a lot of Google blogs. Almost every Google product has its own blog – Android, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Google Fiber, you name it. I think Google finally realized the need to consolidate, and has created ‘The Keyword’.

The Keyword replaces the former Google company blog (, which has been mirrored by the Internet Archive if you want to compare. The blog is a mix of product announcements and coverage of various events. In the official announcement post, Google says The Keyword combines content from 19 other blogs – but doesn’t say which ones. Google already has 54 other blogs in just English alone, but The Keyword’s about page does mention that other blogs and languages will eventually be merged.

And yes, this is a blog post about an announcement of another blog, which is a combination of many previous blogs.

Source: Android Police