Latest Microsoft Vista Ad Defends “I’m a PC” Guy: Seinfeld Out

microsoftMicrosoft is giving Jerry Seinfeld the boot for its latest Vista advertisement (set to launch today) and instead will directly attack Apple’s marketing strategy of mocking PCs.

Microsoft decided not to focus on odd antics of Seinfeld and Gates this time around and instead will feature a company engineer who resembles the PC guy (aka John Hodgman) in Apple’s ads. According to those familiar with the new ad the “PC” guy says, “Hello, I’m a PC and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”

This latest ad, part of Microsoft’s $300 million “Windows. Life without walls” campaign to un-tarnish Vista’s reputation, will reportedly feature a mix of average PC users and celebrity PC users. Some of those Vista-using celebrities include: Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra, and Pharrell Williams. Bill Gates will also make cameo appearances.

link Source: PC World

Along with the celebrity appearances in the new Microsoft ads, professionals that pride themselves being PC users will be featured, including a range of scientists, fashion designers, teachers and shark hunters (pictured above). Also, over 60 Microsoft employees will star in the ads together with their email addresses (even though their role is yet to be determined), the New York Times reports.

Microsoft might be walking on the edge by responding to the advertising campaign of a smaller rival, as consumers might see the response as a validation of the un-hip claims made by Apple at the address of PCs.

Still, at the same time, ignoring Apple’s moves could damage Microsoft’s sales and image.