LulzSec reveals some of the worst passwords to use

By now many of you have heard of LulzSec. You may have heard of their recent activities such as launching DDoS attacks against gaming sites to hacking into government affiliated web sites. They have also been using Twitter to talk about what they’re doing along with cracking a few jokes.

Recently, the group obtained a long list of e-mail addresses and approximately 62,000 passwords. Of these, some of the most common passwords were really to be expected. Some of those common passwords include “123456”, “11111”, “0000”, “1234” and of course “password”.

This should be a good reminder to many people to make sure that they use complex passwords. It’s very helpful to make sure you’re using a strong password while surfing the Internet. This way hackers will not be able to break into your account as easily if you’re using a strong password. If you’re concerned about losing your passwords you may want to try a program called KeePass. For those of you that are wondering KeePass is an open source password manager that stores your passwords in a highly encrypted data base I can only be unlocked with one master password or key.