Lunarsoft SSL support is site wide

During the early morning hours of October 26, 2016 I spent time getting Lunarsoft SSL support across all of the domains. I’ve updated all of the links on the forums, wiki, and frontpage software. I’m also updating image links that were posted with websites like imgur to make sure https is in use. I’ve made sure that every page – whether it’s content or logins – are all using https.

As a website that focuses on helping people keep their computers clean and secure, having Lunarsoft secure helps too. With that security in mind, keep your information as safe as possible by using SSL to encrypt that data further benefits our members. The less members have to worry about, the better experience it will be for everyone.

Logins like usernames and passwords to posts that you make are fully encrypted. Anything between your web browser and the website is secure.

I’ll continue to check all of the links and images as best I can. I’ll make sure as much of Lunarsoft is as secure as possible. I still have more work ahead of me, and I hope to continue to make Lunarsoft a great place for guests and members.

Come discuss this on the forums with us!