McAfee SiteAdvisor gives a Green Review

mcafee_siteadvisorLunarsoft has learned of a malicious page that McAfee SiteAdvisor has been marked as Safe. McAfee SiteAdvisor has generally been a good overall services for users. Much like the service that works with Google, McAfee SiteAdvisor will notify you if a page is Safe or if there is any danger. McAfee SiteAdvisor offers a toolbar for both Internet Explorer and Firefox to notify users while they browse the Internet.

Unfortunately this service recently gave a Safe rating to which has a similar pages at .com which received the correct danger alert. WinAntiVirus also has .com, .net and .org which all have at least a yellow warning or a red danger alert. This issue has existed since the 15th of April and has not been corrected as of yet.

Lunarsoft has contacted McAfee informing them of the issue but have not yet received any response as of this posting.

note Note: To protect our visitors Lunarsoft does not recommend visiting any of the WinAntiVirus websites! This is for your own protection!

link View: McAfee SiteAdvisor on WinAntiVirusPro (This URL is safe to view)