Microsoft offers users $100 credit on a new PC to switch from XP

xpMicrosoft really wants people to stop using Windows XP.

The company launched a new promotion that offers XP users $100 off the purchase of a new PC that costs more than $599 through the Microsoft Store from now until June 15. Buyers will also get 90 days of free support and free data transfer from their old XP-powered PC.

Microsoft is ending support for XP, which has been around for more than a decade, in April. That means any security flaws found by attackers after that point won’t be patched, leaving users who are still clinging to their old computers open to attack.

For people who prefer in-person service, they can also trade in their old XP machine at a Microsoft retail store, where an employee will help them transfer their data on-site.

The company previously offered a $50 Microsoft Store gift card to switchers, but it seems like that offer didn’t quite do enough to spur sales. Now, users will be able to get a straight discount on their computer purchase. That’s good news for consumers who are avoiding a switch from XP because they’re worried about spending hundreds of dollars on a new PC.

Still, picking up a Windows 8 device could be a hard sell for people who have been using XP this whole time. Microsoft has changed the design of its operating system quite a bit since 2003, and using Windows 8 will take some getting used to.

Source: GeekWire