Microsoft Paint redesign coming to Windows 10

Microsoft is building a Windows 10 version of its famous Paint tool. While the software maker has barely updated Paint in recent releases of Windows, the new Paint app will be completely overhauled. Twitter user WalkingCat has discovered video demonstrations of the new app, and it’s clearly designed with Windows 10 in mind.

A launch video notes that the new “Paint Preview” app includes all the familiar features of the regular version of Paint, but Microsoft is adding in 3D object support — an ideal addition for HoloLens. Paint Preview users will be able to create 3D objects, and annotate them freely. Microsoft has a range of markers and art tools to help artists create objects, and brushes that can be used directly on 3D objects. All of the tools appear to be pen- and touch-friendly, with an interface that mixes 3D models, 2D images, stickers, and community tools for 3D content.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen evidence that Microsoft is building a Windows 10 version of Paint. Screenshots leaked of the app back in May, but it appears the app has progressed since then. Microsoft appears to be testing early “alpha” versions of the Paint app, and the videos indicate it could be ready to be released publicly soon.

The timing of the Paint videos come just hours after Microsoft revealed it’s planning to hold a special event in New York City later this month. Microsoft is widely expected to unveil a new Surface device at the event, with rumors suggesting it will be an all-in-one desktop PC. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that any potential AIO PC will be aimed at creatives. Microsoft is said to be working on software and hardware that will enhance the use of stylus, touch, and traditional inputs on a full desktop PC. Microsoft’s new Paint app for Windows 10 will play into this plan, alongside apps from third parties. Any potential Surface hardware will compliment the company’s software improvements. The Verge will be reporting live from Microsoft’s October 26th event.

Source: The Verge