New Apple iOS bug lets hackers steal passwords with one text

If you don’t already have iOS 9.3.3, you better download and install it — quick.

Cisco Talos, a security and research group, recently discovered a bug in Mac and iPhones that allows hackers to steal passwords with a single text message. The researchers at Cisco Talos alerted Apple, and the tech company immediately worked on a patch, which was released this week.

“This is very high severity issue,” Craig Wiliams, head of global outreach at Cisco Talos, told Fortune. “The fact that you have an exploit without any user interaction makes me very concerned.”

Although the iOS update is out, it doesn’t automatically install itself — people who own iPhones have to download and install the update themselves.

To get the latest software go into your “Settings App” and scroll down to “General.” Once in “General,” tap on “Software Update” and you’ll see the latest update: iOS 9.3.3. Tap on “Install” and after it processes, your phone will restart and patch the malicious bug.

About two weeks ago iPhone users received a notification on their phone screen asking them to change their password within a short period of time. The notification was sent as a security measure to protect users against this bug.

The bug affects a programming interface called ImageIO, which is able to read and write image date. The bug takes hold of that program and gives hackers access to important passwords and information once the text message is sent and opened.

The bug is also affecting other Apple devices such as Mac, Apple Watches and Apple TVs. To update the software in those devices simply go into your “Settings” and look for “Software Update.”

Source: New York Daily News