Preview of Visual Studio for Mac coming this month

That’s right, a preview of Visual Studio for Mac will debut this month. This will be discussed at Connect(); 2016 on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. A lot of great features will be supported from the start. Including native iOS, Android and Mac development. Languages that will be supported so far are C# and F# support too.

The interesting part about this? Like Xamarin Studio, it’s based on the open source MonoDevelop IDE, which is actively developed by Microsoft.

Visual Studio for Mac IDE

IntelliSense and the .NET core will also be a part of Visual Studio for Mac. Though not all of the editor will have it’s functionality enabled by default. You’ll be able to tweak the settings in the Preferences dialog from the Mac menu.

IntelliSense in a .NET project

If you’ve ever programmed in Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, or Xamarin Studio before, the IDE will have a very familiar feel to it. Any developer should be able to pick up the new Visual Studio for Mac and start making programs in their own environment. No matter which of these IDEs you’ve used, it will be a win for programmers on Mac.

For anyone who’s interested in learning more about Visual Studio for Mac, you can check out their blog post on MSDN.

Update: Microsoft has removed the blog post as of 2016-11-14 around noon. I’ve updated this post with the Google Cached page.
Update 2: Microsoft appears to have restored the blog as of 2016-11-27. The Google Cached page is returning a 404 and has been removed from the article.