Rethink Internet Explorer campaign

ieInternet Explorer is no longer just the browser you use to download other browsers (even though, for many people, that will always remain the case). These days it’s a decent, fast and standards compliant offering that you don’t have to be embarrassed to admit to using.

Microsoft’s clever, self-deprecating Browser You Loved to Hate campaign did a great job of challenging people’s views and getting them to take a second look at Internet Explorer, and today the software giant launches a new initiative and website, called Rethink, which aims to showcase how Internet Explorer is helping to "create a web that is fast, beautiful and perfect for touch" while also, Microsoft hopes, getting people to rethink their views on the much maligned browser.

The RethinkIE website is a collection of innovative web experiences like Everest: Rivers of Ice, Contre Jour, Red Bull Rampage, Atari Arcade, Hunger Games, and revamped Windows 95 cult classic, Hover. You can read a bit about them, and then launch the site you want in a new window. There’s also a behind the scenes section which shows how some of the featured sites were built.

Although the experiences were created for Internet Explorer 11, they’ll work just as well in browsers like Firefox and Chrome. As Roger Capriotti, Senior Director, Internet Explorer Marketing says:

Rethink is about where the Web has come from and where it can go with a modern browser like Internet Explorer. We’ve taken a different approach than others by helping create experiences that work well not only with Internet Explorer but across any modern browser and device.

To accompany the new site, Microsoft has also released a video which does as much to sell Surface and Windows 8.x as it does Internet Explorer. You can watch it below.

What are your views on Internet Explorer these days?

Source: Betanews