Sigma Designs will have direct XBMC support for next-gen streamers

Today Sigma Designs announced(pdf) that they are working to bring XBMC to their popular line of system-on-a-chip models (their new SMP8670 in particular). For those not familiar with Sigma, they are a major player in the set-top box market and their SOCs are the heart of many products from Popcorn Hour and WDTV, as well as countless other consumer media devices

We believe this could lead to many interesting things for XBMC. Not only do we benefit from the source code from their port, but any company interested in developing hardware for XBMC now has another fine choice. Judging by the amount of times we’ve heard the question “does XBMC work on Sigma hardware?”, there is a great amount of interest.

A few of the XBMC developers, myself included, will be checking out their initial port first-hand at CES this week, as well as meeting with some of their developers and project managers. We will keep you updated as details emerge.

Source: XBMC