Speccy improves detection of hardware capabilities

Piriform Ltd has released Speccy 1.25, a new version of its free Windows system information tool. The headline new feature in version 1.25 — also available as a standalone portable build — is its ability to detect ReadyBoost drives.

Version 1.25 also includes a number of networking improvements, better accuracy for disk transfer mode detection and restructured CPU Core data view.

The previous release introduced support for USB storage device detection, allowing users to monitor any USB-connected drives including external hard drives and USB flash drives. Version 1.25 extends this support to include detection of USB drives configured for ReadyBoost, which is used to help boost the performance of low-memory machines.

Speccy 1.25 is also much better at handling network adapters — it’s now capable of displaying any disabled adapters in the Network Adapters list, plus its detection of available Wi-Fi networks has also been improved.

The update also comes with the promise of improved disk transfer mode detection accuracy, and includes one final change in the way it displays the CPU core data. Now each core’s vital statistics are displayed in a table for easy comparison purposes. This table shows each core’s individual speed, multiplier setting, bus speed, temperature and threads.

The new release also includes the requisite — and unspecified — minor interface improvements and bug fixes. Speccy 1.25 and Speccy Portable 1.25 are both available now as free (for personal use) downloads for PCs running Windows XP or later. Commercial licenses are also available.

Source: Betanews