Spotify is now selling your information to advertisers

If you’re a Spotify user, your friends and family aren’t the only ones who are able to check out your playlists. The popular streaming service is now the latest platform that is opening its data to targeted advertising. Everything from your age and gender, to the music genres you like to listen will be available to various third-party companies.

Spotify is calling it programmatic buying and has already enabled it. Advertisers will have access to the 70 million people that use Spotify’s free, ad-supported streaming across 59 countries. By viewing your song picks, these buyers will be able to look for specific users who might be the best matches for the products they’re selling.

The ads will be 15- and 30-second audio spots and though they might be more relevant to you than before, they’re still another friendly reminder that your information is never safe in this digital age.

Source: Engadget