Tarun has become a Malwarebytes Ambassador

I’m going to be talking about several things, Malwarebytes, the Malwarebytes Ambassador program, and what that also means for Lunarsoft. Recently, I was accepted into a special program to help raise awareness to people about the importance of your security and malware removal online. This is the Malwarebytes Ambassador program. Since Malwarebytes established their website and forums, I’ve also been a resident expert on their team. Now that branches out further by becoming an Ambassador as well! It’s been great to watch Malwarebytes grow from a malware scanner in version one, to what we have today in version three. Malwarebytes is now capable of so much more! For many years I’ve been recommending that people install and use Malwarebytes for any number of things. Those things range from scanning for any form of malware – including Potentially Unwanted Programs or PUPs for short – to getting a license to enable to extended use of real-time monitoring, anti-exploit, anti-rootkit, anti-ransomware, malicious website monitoring and more.

I’ve been with Malwarebytes since it’s infancy, back when Malwarebytes was still just an alpha program. Marcin, the founder and CEO of Malwarebytes and I would talk on MSN Messenger talking about generic things in the computer world, to life, and of course the shaping and focus of Malwarebytes. The time during Malwarebytes conception was a time when we truly needed a top-of-the-line anti-malware utility. Anyone who was doing any form of malware removal during those days should remember that we had few options back then. Most commonly those options were Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, which during their time did a good job and were a part of my PC Cleanup routine. That routine changed once Malwarebytes was released and it became my go-to malware removal solution. To this day, Malwarebytes is included in my Anti-Malware Toolkit. I still recall how great it was once Malwarebytes was officially released. Seeing what it has become today is even better. I’m very happy for Marcin, his team, and the Malwarebytes company that they have come so far and helped change people’s lives for the better.

Now, with the Malwarebytes Ambassador program, awareness of this great software will continue to spread to users who truly need it. People won’t feel so lost and helpless anymore; because face it, getting infected with malware only adds unneeded stress and concern over your data into an already busy life. Word of Malwarebytes will continue to spread, more users will be able to browse the Internet, check their emails, and other Internet activities without having to worry. Malwarebytes delivers the peace of mind and protection that is beneficial to any level user.

About the program

Malwarebytes External Ambassadors Program is an initiative that allows our strongest advocates and cybersecurity enthusiasts to be Malwarebytes evangelists. Help us share tips and advice to empower users to become more security conscious. We’ll be sharing weekly emails with our latest blogs or major news that will include canned social media posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You’ll then have the option to just copy and paste the canned content or write-up your own post.

You may be asking, “What does this mean for me, the end user? Is something changing?” Nothing is really changing, even here on Lunarsoft. I will continue to recommend Malwarebytes to anyone who needs that extra layer of security and protection. Whether you already have Malwarebytes or you’re seeking an excellent solution to protect your computing habits, check out Malwarebytes today!

As always should anyone ever have any questions, contact me. If you need help with your PC, or have a comment or concern, you’re welcome to reach out to me. There are plenty of options for contact, the Lunarsoft Forums, emailing me, or even reaching out on our Facebook and Twitter pages.