Twitter increases gif size limit yet photo size is unchanged

One of the most fun ways to communicate is using animated GIFs or graphics interchange format. Twitter had added GIFs to its list of features back in 2014 with the integration for GIPHY and Riffsy added in this February, but the GIF size was limited to 5MB.

But now you can add animated GIFs which are up to 15MB in size, provided you add these GIFs from the desktop. GIF size limit for mobile uploads and photo size limit for mobile and desktop uploads stays the same at 5MB.

The gif size feature will be limited to the web only. This feature will only be available on Twitter and has not been added to TweetDeck yet.

GIFs are generally well compressed and exceeding 5MB on a GIF file found online isn’t that common. Sure the 15MB file limit now also lets you create your own high quality GIFs to upload to Twitter, but only on the web is this possible as of now. This may let you add in longer GIFs, just in case. It was back in 2012 when Twitter did performance improvements last.

Source: Tech2