Twitter will close Vine January 17th

Twitter broke a lot of hearts last October when it announced that it was closing down Vine, the popular platform for sharing six-second videos.

The company recently noted that it would still support the creation of these clips with a new Vine Camera app. An FAQ page on Vine’s site confirms that the app will become available on January 17, along with the shuttering of the community.

You’ll still be able to browse Vines on the site, which will be turned into an archive of clips. Plus, the Vine Camera app will allow you to share your creations on Twitter, where videos that are under 6.5 seconds in length will play in a loop.

Vine users have until January 17 to download their archives from the iOS and Android apps. You can also grab them from the site – an HTML file containing your captions, like counts, comments and revines will be bundled with your download.

That’s a bummer for the community of creators who embraced the novel video format and garnered a following there. Plus, Twitter’s platform isn’t nearly as friendly and easy to use for browsing videos as Vine’s dedicated app, which means fans of those clips might have a hard time finding their favorites again and discovering new ones.

Source: TheNextWeb