Windows 7 sales speed up in 2011

windows 7A year and a half after it’s debut on the market Windows 7 has sold more than 350 million licenses. Microsoft has said that Windows 7 is the “fastest selling Operating System in history.” Windows 7 had an amazing launch when it debuted in October of 2009. But the momentum has picked up here in 2011. According to analysts, Windows 7 launch sales were 234% higher than Windows Vista. Just short of one year from the initial launch, Windows 7 had already sold more than 175 million licenses.

Breaking that down, it took eleven months for the first 175 million licenses to sell and only seven months for the second 175 million. If you were to break that down to a per-day sale that would be approximately 297,600 more copies of Windows 7 being sold per day.

The increase in the sales of Windows 7 is theorized to mean that enterprises are beginning to adopt Windows 7 as their primary operating system. It’s also around the time that corporate migration starts to occur.

Research company Forrester recently indicated 88% of businesses plan to migrate to Windows 7 and 46% of those will plan a migration within the next 12 months. With this migration to Windows 7 occuring it is also believed that there will be asignificant increase in Office 2010 migrations this year. Converter Technology estimated that 2011 will see a 7% increase in Office migrations alongside the move to Windows 7.