Windows 8 Metro now called Modern UI

microsoftMicrosoft may have nixed its "Metro" branding for the new tile-based design in Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but the company appears to be split over its replacement naming. Earlier this week it was reported that references to "Metro-style applications" would become "Windows 8 applications," and that the "Metro user interface" would be switched to "Windows 8 user interface."

However, Microsoft employees have started using "Modern UI Style" to refer to the new Windows 8 Start Screen and "Modern UI" design in reference to Windows 8 apps. The software giant has used modern, immersive, fast, and fluid to describe its Windows 8 operating system previously – in the early stages of its development – but the common name was always Metro style.

In a step that's bound to confuse developers and consumers, several listings for upcoming events about Windows Azure, Bing Maps, and Windows 8, reference a Modern UI design language and principles, Modern UI Style apps, and even a Modern UI-Style UI. An MSDN blog post, made available this week, also references "Modern UI design." An internal memo revealed that the company was planning to select its Metro branding replacement last week, but the company has not yet officially named the replacement.

We have reached out to Microsoft officials to comment on the new Metro replacement naming and we'll update you accordingly.

Source: The Verge