Logitech unveals Solar-Powered Keyboard

There were cries of “impossible!” over Philips’ solar-powered remote last week, and I’m sure even more people will be scratching their heads over Logitech’s solar keyboard too—even though it can work for 3 months in total darkness.

The K750 has integrated solar panels, and grabs whatever light it can get while indoors. A solar power app shows you the battery levels and ambient light available, so you always know the vitals of the keyboard.

While it’s got that big novelty attraction, it’s also wireless (compatible with the Logitech Unifying receiver), and has the company’s Incurve keys that are supposedly better-shaped for fingers.

It’ll go on sale later this month for $80, but can be pre-ordered now if the thought of missing out on Logitech’s first solar-powered keyboard is too much to bear.

Source: Gizmodo