Nvidia Prepares the “Most Amazing Thing” Ever Made

nvidiaNvidia Corp. is readying something brand-new, but this is not exactly a graphics processing unit, according to a vice president of Epic Games. In the recent years the company most known for its GeForce graphics introduced a number of products beyond simple graphics chips, but it obviously takes something to impress Mark Rein.

“Earlier this week I saw the most amazing thing made by @Nvidia – no, it is not a GPU, but gamers will love it,” said Mark Rein in a post in his Twitter.

In the recent years Nvidia introduced a number of products and technologies that did impress. Among the hardware things, the company launched Shiled video game console as well as Tegra Note media tablet this year. Previously, the company released a number of proprietary software-hardware technologies, such as 3D Vision, CUDA, PhysX and some others. All of them are aimed at gamers. For professionals, Nvidia unleashed an even higher number of other promising technologies during the same timeframe.

Source: XBit