LunarDownloader 1.0

lunardownloaderFor several years, Lunarsoft has helped members rid their computers of malware by suggesting a variety of tools. Users would then have to search the internet for these tools and download them separately. The search for the right program can be daunting for some users, and takes valuable time.

Lunarsoft is proud to announce the release of LunarDownloader – a program that automatically downloads all of the recommended programs to help users clean their computers and keep them running at peak performance.

Help keep your computer safe, secure and clean from malware – get LunarDownloader today!

download Download: LunarDownloader (57KB, *.zip) | LunarDownloader (93.7KB, *.exe installer)
download Download: .NET Framework 2.0 | .NET 3.5 Framework (Recommended)
screen Screenshot: LunarDownloader Preview
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