Lunarsoft hosting JavaRa support forum

Lunarsoft is now officially hosting the JavaRa forum to help this excellent project. This will help to allow feedback, suggestions, bug reports, discussions and more to be in a centralized location to help the development team. Guest posting is also allowed so users can post bug reports and feedback. Though we do recommend that guests sign up for our forums so that when they post they can subscribe to topics in order to track their posts, updates and other useful information.

It allows you to update your Sun Java Runtime Environment to the latest version. You can also uninstall all old versions of Sun Java along with leftover files that are not uninstalled. Options allow you to choose how to update and also allows you to remove the automatic Java Update Checker from starting with your computer.

JavaRa is also hosted locally in our Downloads section, filed under Tech Utilities. This program has many great benefits and is still in the very early stages of development. For you computer technicians who have their own toolkits or tech-cds, this program is without a doubt a must have.

download Download: JavaRa
link Link: JavaRa Forum