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Firefox 4 beta 5 beefs up video, audio, security features

Tuesday evening, Mozilla pushed out the fifth beta of its Firefox 4 Web browser. With this update, improvements to the browser’s audio, video, and security have been added. Two weeks ago, the Beta 4 release of Firefox 4 included new features to help users get organized, Firefox Sync and Panorama. This release focuses less on giving users new features, and more on providing the...

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Google Instant provides search results as you type

Google Wednesday launched a new search feature called Google Instant, which offers search results as you are typing your query terms. Around this time two years ago, Google unveiled Suggest, a feature which predicted what searchers were looking for as it was being typed in the Google search field. Instant takes this a step further and provides the actual results so the user doesn’t...

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Windows 95, now 15 years old!

Some moments are culturally defining. They pave the way for a generation of consumers. People of my parents generation still remember the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. I recall long lines to see the movie “Jaws,” which gave A-movie status to scary B-movies. Many young adults of this generation will recall iPhone’s June 2007 launch. Some moments define us. So it was...

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Mozilla launches Firefox 4 beta 4, rolls in Sync, Panorama tab manager

Mozilla Tuesday updated Firefox 4 to its fourth beta release, adding two major new features: Firefox Sync and Panorama. Firefox Sync lets users access browser history, password keychain, bookmarks, and open tabs across their different desktop computers, iOS, or Maemo-based mobile devices. Sync is available as an add-in for Firefox 3.5 and 3.6, but in Firefox 4, it is a built-in feature.

Adobe updates Web-based Photoshop, no longer demands membership

Adobe updates Web-based Photoshop, no longer demands membership

Now approaching its third year online, Adobe’s Web-based photo editing suite Photoshop Express underwent a significant redesign which launched Wednesday. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, Organizer, and Uploader are included in the refresh. Firstly, a account is no longer needed to use Photoshop Express Editor. Users can simply navigate to the Web app, upload photos directly from their local drive, edit and change the...

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Scammers steal from PayPal accounts through users of iTunes

A phishing scam relies on hijacking users’ iTunes accounts linked to PayPal, giving thieves the ability to drain money from someone’s online account. “Sources close to Apple tell me iTunes has not been compromised and the company isn’t aware of any sudden increase in fraudulent transactions,” he wrote. PayPal has said it is reimbursing customers for the fraud, but added that the problem “is...

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Windows 7 SP1 Beta available to general public

After making them available to TechNet subscribers last month, Microsoft has released betas of Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to the general public. This is the same version of the update that was previously released, so don’t expect any new features or fixes.  In fact, users of the company’s consumer OS who have been keeping up with the monthly security...

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Forty Windows apps affected by critical security flaw

A Texas-based researcher claimed he had discovered that about 40 different Windows apps, including the Windows shell, suffer from a critical vulnerability that could open up users to attacks by hackers. The flaw was originally discovered in iTunes for Windows, and was patched by Apple four months ago with iTunes 9.1. Rapid7 chief security officer HD Moore detailed his findings to Computerworld in an...

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Microsoft Security Essentials gets new Anti-Malware engine

On Thursday, August 19th, Microsoft will release an updated engine for their Microsoft Security Essentials software. The Engine Version will be in the range of 1.1.610X. This release is to address the latest in the threat landscape. Forefront Client Security will also benefit from the engine update.

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Windows 7 Momentum Continues: 175 Million Licenses Sold

Today is earnings day and Windows continues to have a strong showing. We announced a new milestone in Windows 7 sales – 175 million copies. This continues our record breaking pace of more than 7 copies sold per second. And as of today – Windows 7 is now running on more than 16% of all PCs worldwide. It’s exciting to see this kind of...