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Apple the new world leader in software insecurity

Apple has displaced Oracle as the company with the most security vulnerabilities in its software, according to security company Secunia. Over the first half of 2010, Apple had more reported flaws than any other vendor. Microsoft retains its third-place spot. Secunia has tracked security vulnerabilities and issues advisories since 2002, producing periodic reports on the state of software. Together, the top ten vendors account...

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New Microsoft company tagline revealed at MGX event

It looks like Microsoft may have revealed something big at its annual MGX (Microsoft Global Exchange) event, namely… new logos for its main brands and a fresh brand motto. “Be What’s Next” touts a teaser which has been posted on YouTube, along with a fast moving sequence of morphing logos, shuffling from Windows, to Windows Phone, Xbox, Bing, and finally the familiar Office logo...

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Google updates image search to eliminate clutter, improve results

Google’s image search service will be getting a revamp this week, aimed at making the search function easier to use, and to provide more relevant results. The redesign is essentially the service’s first major makeover since Google Images went live in 2001. At that time, only 250 million images had been catalogued by the Mountain View, Calif. search company. Now over 10 billion images...

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Beta for Next Version of Microsoft Security Essentials Now Available

Today we are announcing the beta for the next version of Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft Security Essentials was first released in September 2009 and is our award-winning no-cost light weight anti-malware service. It’s designed to help address the ongoing security needs of PCs running genuine Windows – helping keep people protected from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

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Microsoft Says 12th Alleged Russian Spy Was Employee

Microsoft Corp. said the 12th alleged member of a Russian spy ring operating in the U.S. was an employee at the company’s Redmond, Washington, headquarters. The man, a Russian citizen in his early 20s named Alexey Karetnikov, worked for Microsoft as a software tester for about nine months, a spokeswoman for Microsoft in Moscow, who declined to be identified in line with company rules,...

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Add Bluetooth to the iPhone 4 list of woe

If the iPhone 4’s antenna flaw and proximity sensor bug weren’t enough, there’s another issue to add to the list of problems with the device: its Bluetooth performance. I noticed that my new Jawbone Icon works terribly with my iPhone 4. With the Bluetooth headset in my ear and the i4 in my pocket (less than three feet apart) the devices constantly un-pair and re-pair....

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Update on the rollout of the new Hotmail

The Hotmail rollout continues to go along smoothly and we’re right on track with our release plan, having now upgraded nearly 50 million accounts on several different clusters. Of course, we continue to get comments from many of you who are eager to get access to the new Hotmail, and we’re just as eager to get the new version out to everyone. I’d like...

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First iPhone 4 Class Action Suit Filed Against Apple and AT&T

The first iPhone 4 class action suit against Apple and AT&T has been filed today in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland. The lawsuit focus on the antenna design problems, making several claims: General Negligence (APPLE and AT&T) Defect in Design, Manufacture, and Assembly (APPLE) Breach of Express Warranty (APPLE) Breach of Implied Warranty for Merchantability (APPLE and AT&T) Breach...

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Firefox 4 to have tabs on top

As you may know, Firefox 4 will have the tab bar placed on top of the navigation bar by default, significantly changing the way it looks and, to some degree, behaves for long time Firefox users. As Alex Faaborg emphasizes in this video, this is all about the default layout. Reversing to tabs below the navigation bar is a matter of right clicking on...

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Microsoft Kills Kin

Just six weeks after launch, Microsoft’s Kin, the social phone we wanted to love, is dead. Microsoft is ending its short life, sources close to Microsoft tell us. There won’t be a separate Kin product anymore. Effective immediately, Andy Lees is shoving the entire Kin team into the core Windows Phone 7 team, so there will just be one big group to focus on...