Microsoft accidently allows WinAntivirus Pro to install and run on Vista

MicrosoftMicrosoft accidently allowed a well known malware by the name of WinAntiVirus Pro to become compatible with Windows Vista when they released their monthly Application Compatibility Update. This can raise many potential problems for Vista users if this malware gets through. WinAntiVirus is a form of the WinFixer malware. It displays false information confusing the user into believing that their PC is infected with viruses, spyware and/or other forms of malware. The WinFixer family is often installed without the user’s consent, usually by a Sun Java exploit. The advertisements pop up a display with notifications to convince the user that something may be amiss with the computer, or run a fake diagnostic. The program repeatedly prompts the user to purchase a licensed copy of the program. Due to these problems, WinFixer and its sister applications are generally considered scareware spyware through misleading popups and forced downloads.

The Vista Application Compatibility Update is a package of software updates that address common application compatibility issues in Windows Vista. When you try to install and run certain legacy games or applications in Windows Vista, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • The game, the application, or the firmware may not be installed correctly.
  • The game, the application, or the firmware may cause system instability.
  • The primary functions of the game, the application, or the firmware may not work correctly.

If you have installed the Vista Compatibility Update for December 2007 and you believe you may have visited a dangerous website, please take a moment to scan your computer with your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. If you are in need of these, you can visit Lunarsoft’s Downloads section to get an Anti-Malware package that contains all you need.

I personally contacted Microsoft on this issue and within 30 minutes I had a reply.  The prompt e-mail reply message read as follows:  “Thank you for your message.  We are aware of this and are currently investigating.”  We here at Lunarsoft will keep you posted as this story develops.

Link Link: Microsoft Windows Vista Application Compatibility Update for December 2007 – KB943302
Link Link: WinFixer information on Wikipedia