Office 2003 Service Pack 3 coming in thirty days to Microsoft Update

The Microsoft Update Product Team has given a heads up that Office 2003 SP3 will be available from Microsoft Update automatic distribution (for Vista and XP) approximately thirty days from January 27th. SP3 was released for customers about four months ago. The reason they have said approximately thirty days from January 27th is because the availability will happen gradually and not everyone will see it at the same time. Think of the 27th as the marker and no sooner than thirty days from then is when SP3 will start to become available to customers’ systems.

The Office 2003 SP3 has received some great feedback on what it is doing for customers in enterprise, consumer and other segments. The security improvements are working so well that people probably don’t even know it’s installed and working for them. This is a must have service pack for you Office 2003 users.

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Link: Microsoft Update Blog