RogueRemover PRO 1.19

RogueRemover PRO scans, detects and removes many forms of malware. It offers very fast scanning and excellent detection of rogue applications. The removal process is painless, fast and efficient. Database updates are small and install very quickly, even on dial-up.

It covers all of the basics. You can quickly scan your computer, get information on the programs targeted and have access to the exclude list to omit scanning of certain items. You get more excellent features such as a real-time monitor called RogueMonitor. There is also a rogue cookie scanner that checksboth Internet Explorer and Firefox both, at this time it is unclear if Opera will be supported. The Immunization adds urls to block to the Hosts file. There is also an automatic update checker which checks for updates when RogueRemoverPro’s start.

Download: RogueRemover PRO 1.19 (30 day trial, $14.95 Lifetime License)
Changes: RogueRemover PRO Changes