ShareX 11.5.0

ShareX captures or records any area of your screen at the press of a key. Free and completely open-source. ShareX is like a swiss army knife of screen capture convenience. You can take a screenshot or a screencast, upload it and get the URL copied to your clipboard with a single hotkey. ShareX supports over 50 different image, text, and file hosting services such as Imgur, FTP, Dropbox, Pastebin etc. Also supports many URL shortening and sharing services. Upload any files using configurable hotkeys, clipboard upload, drag and drop or from the Windows Explorer context menu. Including useful tools like a screen color picker, an image editor, a ruler, a DNS changer, a QR code generator, a directory indexer and more.


  • Region capture related changes:
    • Added drop shadow support
    • Replaced rounded rectangle shapes with corner radius option to rectangle shapes
    • Added capture last region button to capture menu
    • Added edit menu to toolbar:
      • Undo Ctrl + Z
      • Delete Del
      • Delete all Shift + Del
      • Bring to front Home
      • Bring forward Page up
      • Send backward Page down
      • Send to back End
    • Annotation options will be reset to new defaults
    • Changed visual of arrow cap
  • Added customizable actions toolbar which is accessable from tray menu
  • Added toggle actions toolbar and exit ShareX hotkeys
  • Added ShareX custom uploader extension .sxcu support. Users can now simply double click .sxcu files. ShareX can activate custom uploader and select proper destinations automatically. Users won’t need any manual configuration to use custom uploaders.
  • Added “Destination type” option to custom uploader tab which is used when user double clicks .sxcu files so ShareX can know which destination to set custom uploader as active
  • Added H.264 NVENC & HEVC (H.265) NVENC encoder support (NVENC supported GPU, latest NVIDIA driver and up to date FFmpeg is required)
  • Added HTTPS result link option for Imgur
  • Added Pastie text uploader (by @plutoforever)
  • Added “OCR image” button to main window right click task menu
  • Added “Combine images” button to main window right click task menu which is only visible when two or more image files are selected
  • Check if file exists before screen recording and show file exists window if necessary
  • Added Nextcloud support to ownCloud file uploader (by @aStonedPenguin)
  • Changed Dropbox default settings for new users, moved upload path to outside public folder and enabled shareable URL option in preparation for Dropbox to disable public folders on March 15, 2017
  • Polr API v2 support which will be active by default, from settings API v1 can be enabled back
  • Removed Automate tool and moved it to its own GitHub page
  • Added resize if smaller option to resize image effect (by @wolfborg)
  • Updated Amazon S3 to include new endpoints
  • On upload errors include request URL in error message

Download: ShareX  | Portable
Source: ShareX