VideoLAN (VLC) media player 0.8.6f

vlcVLC (VideoLAN) is a multi-platform multimedia player. It can read DVDs, VCDs, MPEG, and DivX files and from a satellite card. It can also read a stream from a network sent by the VideoLAN Server or another source. The stream can be MPEG 2 TS in UDP or HTTP packets unicasted or multicasted on an IPv4 or IPv6 network.

download Download: VLC media player 0.8.6f | Other Versions
link Homepage: VideoLAN

Changes between 0.8.6e and 0.8.6f:

Security updates:

  • Really fixed subtitle buffer overflow (CVE-2007-6681)
  • Fixed Real RTSP code execution problem (CVE-2008-0073)
  • Fixed MP4 integer overflows (CVE-2008-1489)
  • Fixed cinepak integer overflow

Various bugfixes:

  • The Mozilla plugin registers a usable range of MIME-types on Mac OS X
  • Improved VLC’s video output behavior on multi-screen setups running Mac OS X
  • Fixed crashes in H264 packetizer
  • Close MMS access on network timeout
  • Fix some problems with AAC decoder and packetizer