Xfire 1.95

xfireXfire is the instant messenger for gamers. See when your friends are playing online games; See what game they are playing; see where they are playing; and join their game with just one click. Plus, unlike existing Instant Messengers, this one lets you receive IMs without disrupting your game.

X-fire is simple, functional, while not being bloated. Most of the features in Xfire would be used by the average gamer at some point or another.


  • Added the option in Tools | Options | Video to enable flashback, which maintains a buffer in memory of a few seconds of video as you play a game. When you press Scroll Lock + V to record a video, the video starts recording a few seconds in the past
  • Added a new encoded videos section to the Videos tab
  • Added a thumbtack to allow the chat room voice chat overlay in Xfire In-Game to be hidden
  • Added a self-mute button on chat windows for voice chats
  • Added a right-click menu item to mute other people in a group chat room
  • Fixed many minor voice chat problems
  • Added ability to flag videos as only appropriate for adults
  • New games supported

download Download: Xfire 1.95
link Homepage: Xfire