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Windows intelligently defrags your SSD

There has been a LOT of confusion around Windows, SSDs (hard drives), and whether or not they are getting automatically defragmented by automatic maintenance tasks in Windows. There’s a general rule of thumb or statement that “defragging an SSD is always a bad idea.” I think we can agree we’ve all heard this before. We’ve all been told that SSDs don’t last forever and...

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Disk fragmentation leads to system slowdowns, PC crashes, slow startups and shutdowns. Auslogics Disk DefragĀ® is designed for fast optimization of modern hard disks. Use it together with Auslogics BoostSpeed to get the top performance out of your expensive hardware. Disk Defrag is absolutely FREE. Since Auslogics uses the built in defragmentation software, it supports FAT, FAT32, and NTFS (with compressed and encrypted files)...