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Lunarsoft Updates so far in 2016

There have been several Lunarsoft updates all throughout the site over the past month. From the Frontpage, to the Forums, the Wiki, and even the server itself. This resolves several issues and helps ensure we can give quality content while keeping the site free from advertisements and secure for both members and guests alike. The following changes are: Frontpage Software updated to the latest...

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Recent Lunarsoft Updates

There have been several updates to Lunarsoft recently. These updates cover every part of Lunarsoft from the Wiki to the Frontpage and the Forums as well. Several minor issues were identified recently and resolved. The updates and issues identified are as follows: Frontpage: Several of the extensions used for the Frontpage website have been updated. Security update has been applied. Automated news posting to...

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Congratulations Ultimate Predator!

As a way of showing our appreciation to members of our forums, several of the Lunarsoft Team has selected Ultimate Predator to receive a free upgrade to our Supporter status. Normally a member receives this special forum title through donations sent to Lunarsoft; though there are other ways to achieve this title. He has been a great contributor to our forums in terms of...