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Paid prioritization may be coming to Comcast’s Internet service

For years, Comcast has been promising that it won’t violate the principles of net neutrality, regardless of whether the government imposes any net neutrality rules. That meant that Comcast wouldn’t block or throttle lawful Internet traffic and that it wouldn’t create fast lanes in order to collect tolls from Web companies that want priority access over the Comcast network. This was one of the...

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FTC may not be able to regulate ISPs

The Federal Trade Commission is worried that it may no longer be able to regulate companies such as Comcast, Google, and Verizon unless a recent court ruling is overturned. The FTC on Thursday petitioned the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals for a rehearing in a case involving AT&T’s throttling of unlimited data plans. A 9th Circuit panel previously ruled that the FTC cannot punish...

New legislation could lead to ISP throttling ban

New legislation could lead to ISP throttling ban

Comcast’s response yesterday to its public thrashing by the FCC may have had a second, more important, purpose: A prominent Congressman has introduced legislation paving the way for a ban on Internet throttling. In the midst of an already overflowing legislative calendar, Rep. Ed Markey (D – Mass.), who chairs the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, introduced a bill yesterday whose end...