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Adobe, Skype and CCleaner top Hall of Shame list

Recently Ed Bott released his list of Foistware Hall of Shame programs. It’s a bit hard to say what foistware is since there is no official definition for this term. But the basics of it is that it is software installers that also try to install potentially unwanted software onto the users computer. These are things like toolbars, browsers and other things that some...

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Scammers steal from PayPal accounts through users of iTunes

A phishing scam relies on hijacking users’ iTunes accounts linked to PayPal, giving thieves the ability to drain money from someone’s online account. “Sources close to Apple tell me iTunes has not been compromised and the company isn’t aware of any sudden increase in fraudulent transactions,” he wrote. PayPal has said it is reimbursing customers for the fraud, but added that the problem “is...

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Forty Windows apps affected by critical security flaw

A Texas-based researcher claimed he had discovered that about 40 different Windows apps, including the Windows shell, suffer from a critical vulnerability that could open up users to attacks by hackers. The flaw was originally discovered in iTunes for Windows, and was patched by Apple four months ago with iTunes 9.1. Rapid7 chief security officer HD Moore detailed his findings to Computerworld in an...