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Windows safer from malware than Macs

What do you think when you hear they found Windows safer than Mac? The Mac vs. PC debate isn’t nearly as intense as it was earlier in the 21st century, but a new malware report could stoke the flames a little bit for the first time in years. Antivirus company Malwarebytes released a big ol’ report about the prevalence of different types of malware...

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People are switching from MacBooks to Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has been targeting Mac users with its commercials recently, and it appears they might be paying off. The software giant claims that November was the “best month ever for consumer Surface sales,” following a number of Black Friday deals on the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft still isn’t providing sales numbers, but the company claims “more people are switching from Macs to Surface than...

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Preview of Visual Studio for Mac coming this month

That’s right, a preview of Visual Studio for Mac will debut this month. This will be discussed at Connect(); 2016 on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. A lot of great features will be supported from the start. Including native iOS, Android and Mac development. Languages that will be supported so far are C# and F# support too. The interesting part about this? Like Xamarin Studio,...

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Apple malware can spy on your mic and webcam

Apple Mac Computers are considered to be much safer than Windows at keeping viruses and malware out of its environment, but that’s simply not true anymore. It’s not because Mac OS X is getting worse every day, but because hackers are getting smart and sophisticated these days. The bad news for Mac users is that malware targeting webcams and microphones has now come up...

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Another trojan surfaces on the Mac yet again called BlackHole RAT

A new trojan has appeared by the name of BlackHole RAT and it surprisingly is in beta. While this may sound strange or like a joke, security researchers assure it’s the real deal. Turns out that BlackHole RAT is a variant of the free “remote administration tool” darkComet RAT for Windows. Despite being a new trojan that calls itself beta; the tool itself seems...

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Windows 7 up, Mac OS X down in market share war

The latest operating system market-share figures are in, and the news is good for fans of Windows 7, and ho-hum for Mac OS X aficionados. Since its release last October, Windows 7’s star has been steadily rising — and this July it passed the lamentable Windows Vista to become the world’s number-two OS, according to stats from the market watchers at Net Applications.