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US elections become latest malware lure

US elections become latest malware lure

The US presidential primaries have become the latest lure for spreading malware as attackers use 'videos' of candidates to tempt users into downloading Trojan applications. Researchers at Symantec and McAfee reported that malware distributors are using presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as bait for a malicious file download. Symantec warned of an attack which uses spam emails to spread a 'video' of Clinton. A file...

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Finjan Inc web Security Company confirms Google and IBM’s X-Force findings

Finjan Inc, a web security solutions provider, just confirmed the results that Google’s security team and IBM’s X-Force reported. The one thing the three could agree on was that online criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities in end users web browsers by using drive-bydownloads for identity theft, gaining access to online accounts and for some other illicit revenue-generating activities, M2.com writes. Google’s Niels Provos, a security...