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Microsoft wins document format standards battle

Microsoft Corp has won a battle to have a key document format adopted as a global standard, improving its chances of winning government contracts and dealing a blow to supporters of a rival format. The OpenDoc Society, which had argued Microsoft’s Office Open XML (OOXML) format was unripe for ratification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), published the results showing Microsoft’s win on...

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Microsoft’s Doug Mahugh: Inside the real OOXML debate

The Office Open XML format may or may not be ratified by the ISO, but in either event, it will still be a driving force in millions of the world’s offices. So one way or the other, its senior product manager tells us, the interoperability debate will be resolved. From the outside, the debate over whether the International Organization for Standardization should formally ratify...

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Microsoft clarifies its promise not to sue for OOXML

The question of which unilateral promise from Microsoft is supposed to apply to its Office Open XML format suite was supposed to have been clarified this morning by the company. At least that was the plan, and in the end, the matter may actually be settled, but in the middle, at least, there was more than a little confusion. Here is the story as...