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NewEgg apologizes for bad customer service

After a considerable amount of bad press, Newegg apologizes for its failings with its return process and has promised to update to a more reasonable policy. Late last week, Gamers Nexus published a video slamming US retailer Newegg for its “shocking incompetence” based on the hardware channel host Steve Burke’s recent experiences with the firm. The source of ire was the dismissive way that...

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Newegg ownership changes to Chinese company

The Wall Street Journal’s earlier report about an expected record-setting 2016 in regards to Chinese investment in the United States was right. Newegg Inc., one of the most popular online tech-related retailers, is now reportedly owned by Chinese company Hangzhao Liaison Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Liaison Interactive). After September’s reports of a significant investment from the Chinese company on Newegg, which would allow...

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“Patents are bull” says Newegg’s CLO Lee Cheng

Lee Cheng is one of the few attorneys to fight back against patent trolls and prevail. And at the latest Ars Live event, we talked to him about his most famous case, how people can fight patent trolls today, and what the future of patent abuse will look like in coming decades. His answers, as expected, were incredibly candid and hilarious. In 2007, a...