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Intel reaches 8 cores for their chips

Intel unveiled a range of new processors aimed at the performance-desktop segment today. For the mainstream market, there are three new K-series overclockable chips branded as ninth-generation parts; seven new Core X-series chips are launching for the high-end desktop market, and for those who need still more performance, there’s an overclockable Xeon chip. The ninth-generation parts confirm previous leaks that hyperthreading is now only...

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AMD improving in CPU world once more

Getting excited over slices of silicon is quite a task. And it’s even harder when you take into account the general lack of anything particularly significant in the processor world, at least until AMD showed off its Ryzen CPUs in 2017. For a good few years, Intel has dominated the desktop and laptop processors market, offering CPUs that outperformed AMD chips across the board,...

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Intel Plans to Speed Up Introduction of Nehalem Microprocessors

Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of microprocessors, may bring the introduction of its microprocessors based on the next-generation micro-architecture code-named Nehalem forward. The decision will add pressure on Advanced Micro Devices in the market of dual-processor servers. According to diagrams that represent slides from Intel Corp.’s transition guidance documents published by VR-Zone web-site, the fist Intel’s code-named Bloomfield central processing units (CPUs) for...