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Twitter debuts $99 subscription tool for promoting tweets

Twitter is making it easier for small businesses and power users to give their tweets a boost. The social network has officially launched its first ad subscription tool called “Promote Mode” as a public beta. Twitter started testing the always-on mode as an invite-only feature in July, giving users access to a feature that can automatically blast their tweets and profiles into strangers’ (aka non-followers’) timelines. Now...

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Twitter wins bid war for re-tweet.com

Twitter has become the owner of the domain name re-tweet.com. The article says Twitter bought the domain from an individual named David Quinlan on June 13, 2011. The domain Re-tweet.com was sold through a Flippa auction a few months ago, but Twitter finally got it for only $150. Twitter has long been trying to acquire a U.S. trademark for ‘retweet’, which is a way...