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Twitter officially expanded tweet limit to 280 characters

Twitter’s expansion to 280 characters is rolling out publicly today to all users in supported languages, including English. The company had first announced the controversial plan to move beyond its traditional 140 characters back in September, noting at the time how a longer character count allowed users to express more of their thoughts without running out of room to tweet. The expansion was initially available...

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Twitter doubles the character limit to 280

Twitter’s 140-character limit died today after a long battle with Facebook. It is survived by brands, publishers and personalities, who will miss its insistence on wit and getting to the point. That’s right: Twitter is expanding its character limit on text posts to 280 characters from 140, starting with a subset of users. The company is describing the move as a test, but the...

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Twitter wins bid war for re-tweet.com

Twitter has become the owner of the domain name re-tweet.com. The article says Twitter bought the domain from an individual named David Quinlan on June 13, 2011. The domain Re-tweet.com was sold through a Flippa auction a few months ago, but Twitter finally got it for only $150. Twitter has long been trying to acquire a U.S. trademark for ‘retweet’, which is a way...