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FCC to Phone Companies: Offer free Robocall Blockers to customers

Even though the Federal Communications Commission has repeatedly said that wireless and landline phone providers are allowed to offer robocall-blocking services to their customers, some carriers have continued to incorrectly insist — and provide misinformation to consumers — that they simply don’t have the authority to deploy this technology. In an effort to make things clear once and for all, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler...

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Gmail may have accidentally deleted some mail

Google has identified a nasty bug in Gmail that may have led to the accidental deletion of some messages in your inbox, as well as incorrectly labeling others as spam. The severity of the bug has caused the search giant to issue an Important Notice which appears at the top of Gmail when some users — myself included — log into the webmail service...

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Google improves labels, discusses spam trends

The first of the month always brings a bountiful harvest from Google’s blogging troops, and two posts yesterday pointed us to some nifty changes to Gmail’s labels features and passed along some cheerful numbers concerning spam levels as measured by the company’s Postini group. With one notable exception, those who rely even moderately on Gmail’s labels ought to like where things are going. The...