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Windows 10 to get a dedicated OEMDRIVERS folder

Microsoft is adding a dedicated OEMDRIVERS folder to Windows 10 that will be used to store third-party drivers. Since Windows Vista, the operating system has included a folder called %SystemRoot%\System32\DriverStore that is used to hold validated drivers for the operating system. To prevent tampering of hardware drivers, Windows only allows the installation of drivers located in the DriverStore. Before a driver is added to...

Third-party programs add to PC vulnerabilities

Third-party programs add to PC vulnerabilities

We reported earlier this week on how financial organizations are at risk from third parties with compromised security. It seems that the same thing applies to software. The latest review by IT security specialist Secunia shows that third-party programs are responsible for 76 percent of the vulnerabilities discovered in the 50 most popular programs in 2013. Secunia's review looks at the top 50 programs...