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Google Starts Ranking ISPs Based on YouTube Performance

We've of course seen no limit to the complaints by users that YouTube videos often get stuck buffering, despite blisteringly-fast connections. Most customers blame their ISPs, while most ISPs (or companies paid by ISPs) blame Google. The real reason is often the power and cash struggles going on behind the scenes over CDN and peering links, with last-mile ISPs, core network ISPs, and content...

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The way Youtube avoids Google’s Pirate Penalty

Google has announced that it will soon penalize sites that are repeatedly accused of copyright infringement. But one site in particular doesn’t need to worry: Google’s own YouTube. It has a unique immunity against the forthcoming penalty. The penalty – which SearchEngineLand dubbed the Emanuel Update – impacts Google’s web search results. If someone has reported a web search listing as being a copyright...

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YouTube founders save Delicious service

YouTube’s co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen bought the popular social bookmarking site Delicious from Yahoo, saving the service from being shut down. It’s said that this acquisition for the two entrepreneurs is because they are returning to tech under their new venture called AVOS. In 2005 Yahoo acquired Delicious to integrate the service’s social aspects into their own web offerings. Yahoo began to...